This page is used to distribute RobotBASIC application programs to end users. The programs distributed can include demos, applications, educational material, etc. RobotBASIC (V4.0.0 and later) has the ability to "compile" programs into standalone EXEs, which makes it easy to distribute applications to users who are not programmers. The applications distributed below may be EXE's while others may include source code and supplemental materials (all in a zip file).

Unless otherwise specified the programs below are EXE's that can be run directly from the web page or downloaded to your desktop so you can play them anytime you want. Depending on your operating system, you may be asked for "permission to RUN" since RobotBASIC is an "unknown publisher" as far as Microsoft is concerned.

We invite users to submit their programs so they can be freely shared with others.
If your program requires images, readme, or other related files, please send them in a ready-to-distribute zip file. If you would like your name, web page, or other contact information shared, please indicate that in your email or add it to a readme file in your zip file.

This is a program for golfers that allows you to enter data gathered during your round. It analyzes the data and creates reports with FAR more information than you normally get from similar programs. You can see a YouTube Video on the program or download your free copy. Just download the zip file and place the program (and sample data file if you wish) in a folder of your choosing. No installation is necessary. All data files will automatically be stored in the same folder as the program. The program keeps the last 180 holes that you have played so that you can compare historical statistics with your current round.

Compressed archive in ZIP format [569.6 KB]

Have you fallen in love with your Kindle. This program will create a CSV file from the data inside a Kindle "My Clippings.txt" file, which contains the highlights and notes as well as bookmarks that you have made for all the books currently in the Kindle. A nice way to make this data available for other applications or even just for printing.

Exe File [1.8 MB]

This game that demonstrates many of RobotBASIC's capabilities. Your diver must make its way past an octopus to find the treasure beneath the sea. Be careful on your way back to the surface though, as the octopus is still in play. Many images and wav files are required, so a ZIP file is needed for the download. Just unzip the file and double click the compiled RobotBASIC application.

Compressed archive in ZIP format [861.7 KB]

3-D Paint
With all the interest in 3-D movies and television, we thought RobotBASIC ought to join in. This ZIP FILE contains a 3-D paint program that can give your kids hours of enjoyment creating 3-D pictures that can be viewed on a standard PC. Just visit your local Wal-mart, Target, etc. and pick up a pair of Crayola's new 3-D glasses (these are prismatic - the ones used for 3-D movies do NOT work with this program) to view the pictures in 3-D. The zip file contains an EXE version of the program (just place it on your desktop to make it easy for the kids to run), the source code (in case you want to add your own touches, and a sample picture so you can see the 3-D effect right away. The 2-D version of this program was featured and explained in our book RobotBASIC Projects for Beginners.

Compressed archive in ZIP format [767.9 KB]

Color Changer
This program is a great tool for preparing bitmap images for programs performing Photographic Animation (see our video on this subject). RobotBASIC "sprites" typically require a single background color that becomes transparent when the sprite is animated. However, when you create a sprite from a photograph, the background is made up of varying shades of what may appear to be the same color. This program allows you to easily change colors in the sprite to force a single background color so RobotBASIC can treat it as a transparent color.

Exe File [1.6 MB]

Regular Expressions Experimentation Platform
If you have ever wanted to experiment with RegExps this program is for you. Even though Regular Expressions can be very complex, you can use this program to easily and painlessly try out and experiment with different expressions. The program can be a handy companion while reading anyh book on the subject so that you can see the way given examples work.

Exe File [1.6 MB]

X's and O's
This is an INTELLIGENT version of the old X's and O's game (Tic Tac Toe). It is intelligent in that it LEARNS from the person it plays with (and you can even allocate the amount of memory it uses for learning.) The big advantage of this is that a six year old can enjoy the game because the computer will NOT get any smarter than the six year old... so it plays a fun game. When an adult plays you will be amazed (I think) at how human-like the game plays after ten games or so of learning. Enjoy! Download or run the EXE here.

Exe File [1.2 MB]

Lunar Lander
This is a challenging action game where you try to land softly on the lunar surface. The professionalism shows well, as the game can be played with a joystick, the mouse, or even the keyboard. Another nice thing about this version is that it needs no extra files so it is easy to distribute or run directly from the web page. A great example of how the new COMPILE feature should be used. Click here to download or run.

Exe File [1.7 MB]

Brain Teaser
This program will test your right/left brain capabilities. A fun program with often surprising results. Download or run the EXE here.

Exe File [1.7 MB]

This is a fairly complex word game that will challenge you. Don't give up too early. Download or run the EXE here.

Exe File [1.7 MB]

When you first try this program you will think it is impossible. With just a little practice though you will find your reaction abilities will improve dramatically. Download or run the EXE here.

Exe File [1.7 MB]

If you love Sudoku, you can throw away your pen and paper. If you are new to the game this can help you learn. Download or run the EXE here.

Exe File [1.7 MB]

Total Recall
How good is your spacial memory? This program will test and excercise your brain. Remember, you loose it if you don't use it. Download or run the EXE here.

Total Recall
Exe File [1.7 MB]

This game will test your logical and reasoning abilities. Fire electron beams into a grid and see if they are absorbed, reflected, or pass through. Use the information you gather to determine where atoms in the grid are located. Source code for this EXE is available through the yahoo forum for those that want to explore its inner workings.

Exe File [1.7 MB]

Rubik's Cube
This program demonstrates the power of the RobotBASIC 3D engine. It creates a virtual cube that can be manipulated with the mouse. Download the EXE and try it out.

Prototyping an Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner System
An acticle was recently published in Servo Magazine that explores this subject. Visit our In The News page to download the source code for that article. A compiled version is also included for your convenience.

Thanks to all contributors for sharing their work.

Rubiks Cube
Exe File [1.6 MB]

This program was submitted by one of our users. It is a tool that lets you graphically depict relationships between objects. You can download a copy directly from his website.

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