Magazine Articles

Numerous articles featuring RobotBASIC have been published in Servo Magazine on the subjects listed below: (Note: Some articles have associated downloads.)

1. June 2007 Robot Simulation

2. August 2008 BlueTooth

3. Novemeber 2008 Robotic Puppets

4. January 2009 Autonomous Robots

5. February 2009 Quadrature Controller

6. April 2009 Robot Vision

7. May 2009 Robotic Arm Fundamentals

8. June 2009 Simulating Motors

9. November 2009 Walking Robot Simulator

10. December 2010 Propelled by the Propeller

Compressed archive in ZIP format [668.4 KB]

11. January 2011 New Paradigm for Robotics

Compressed archive in ZIP format [139.7 KB]

12. February 2011 Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner Systems

Compressed archive in ZIP format [825.9 KB]

13. June 2011 Controlling the Lego NXT [see Lego Book download]

14. July 2011 Interfacing with RoboRealm

Compressed archive in ZIP format [2.4 KB]

15. December 2011 Omni Wheeled Lego Robot
(view the Omni-Lego robot on YouTube)

Compressed archive in ZIP format [13.1 KB]

16. July 2012 Virtual Sensors Part I

17. August 2012 Virtual Sensors Part II (Virtual Motor Drivers)

18. September 2012 The RobotBASIC Robot Operating System

19. December 2012 Power Beyond the Shield (Our RROS with Arduino)

20. March 2013 Robotic Sensors Part 1 (soccer robot) 

Compressed archive in ZIP format [4.4 KB]

21. April 2013 Robotic Sensors Part 2 (robot with arm)

Compressed archive in ZIP format [5.0 MB]

22. October 2013 Intelligent Line Follow

Compressed archive in ZIP format [2.3 KB]

23. December 2013 Part 1: Windows 8 Tablet Controller

Compressed archive in ZIP format [156.7 KB]

24. January 2014 Part 2: Windows 8 Tablet Controller

Compressed archive in ZIP format [160.9 KB]

25. February 2014 Part 3: Windows 8 Tablet Controller (3 downloads)

Compressed archive in ZIP format [159.9 KB]
Compressed archive in ZIP format [6.8 MB]
Compressed archive in ZIP format [4.5 KB]

26. March 2014 Part 4: Windows 8 Tablet Controller

Compressed archive in ZIP format [156.5 KB]

27. August 2014 Teach Robot to Play Ball

Compressed archive in ZIP format [3.4 KB]

28. December 2014 Mechanical Modularity

29. January 2015 The Robot You've Always Wanted, Part 1

30. February 2015 The Robot, Part 2 [Youtube Video]

31. March 2015 The Robot, Part 3 <see download for the book on>

32. April 2015 The Robot, Part 4 <our HARDWARE BOOKS page>

34. November 2015 Perimeter Sensors

35. December 2015 Robot Museum

36. April 2016 Neural Networks

Neural Networks
Text document [18.6 KB]

37. July 2016 Sensing Orientation

38. October 2016 Imitation AI

39. November 2016  Sensors and Programming

Text document [1.2 KB]

40. December 2016  Self Diagnostics

Compressed archive in ZIP format [4.2 KB]

41. The Dobot Magician (robot arm)


42. Manipulating Cards with the Magician

Programs Discussed in Article
Compressed archive in ZIP format [1.3 MB]

43. October 2017 Simulating a Swarm


44. December 2017 RobotBASIC Robots for Beginners


45. January 2018 RobotBASIC Robots for Beginners, Part II


46. Feb. 2018 Avoiding Obstacles while following a line with Scribbler S3.


47. Mar. 2018 Controlling the Scribbler S3 with RobotBASCI.


48. May/June 2018 An Ultrasonic Local Positioning System


49. Sept/Oct 2018  Controlling Robots Over the Internet


50. Nov/Dec 2018 Controlling Robots with Amazon's Alexa


51. Jan/Feb 2019  3D Printing for Robotic Projects


52. Issue 2 2019 Developing Robotic Behaviors Using a Simulator


53. Issue 2 2019 Balancing a Robot on a Ball


54-58  Starting Issue 3, 2019

             5-Part Series on Walking Robots

             Parts 1 and 5 have software available.

             Request the software by writing to:



59-62  Starting Issue 2, 2020

             4-Part series on LIDAR and LIDAR simulations


63-67  Starting Issue 2, 2020

             At least a 5-part series (maybe more) for beginners

             Titled:  Robotics: How to Get Started


After giving RobotBASIC away for many years, I have decided not to spend

a lot of time updating the webpage.  I am sure there will be many more

in Servo and perhaps other magazines too, but I will not be spending my 

Senior years constantly updating the site.  Assuming I am still around, you

should be able to email me at if you have questions.


INCLUDE FILE for RROS programs
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Three articles have been published in Circuit Cellar Magazine.


1. October 2013         Robot Simulation Part 1 by Jeff Bachiochi


2. November 2013      Robot Simulation Part 2 by Jeff Bachiochi


3. March 2014            Reducing Development Time

One article has been published in Nuts and Volts.


1. August 2012           Custom Security System

Alarm Code
Compressed archive in ZIP format [1.6 KB]

Some of the source code and associated files for our magazine articles are now included in the main ZIP file on the Program Download page. More recent articles have downloads links with them (above).

Brian Clegg mentions RobotBASIC in his blog. Check it out as well as his other writing on science.

RobotBASIC has been chosen by CSTEM (See for use in their powerful K-12 Robotics Program.

If you find yourself needing to draw schematics for a project, try They profiled us on their companion website, EliteTechno.

Robotics Today

Robotics Today profiles us on their website to help boost our profile. Visit them to view many robots and robot organizations. Videos

We have created some videos for YouTube that you might enjoy. You can search for RobotBASIC, or just use the links below.

RobotBASIC Part 1 RobotBASIC Part 2

Space Station Control Humanoid Vision

RobotBASIC for Education The POWER of simplicity

Graphic Capabilities Writing Video Games

RobotBASIC for Engineering The RobotBASIC Simulator

Beacon Navigation Developing Complex Behaviors

Distance Learning Robot Arms with RobotBASIC

Photographic Animation BitMap Animation

Intelligent Arm Demo Walking Robot Simulator

Robots in the Classroom

Note: Links to additional videos can be found on our education page.

This LINK takes you to ALL our videos.

YouTube Downloads

The following ZIP files contain files associated with some of our videos.

Note: The Robot Arm Demo's are Binary only. The source code for the 3-D arm was discussed in a May 2009 Servo article and is available in the separate link in the Servo Magazine Articles (above).

Humanoid Vision
Compressed archive in ZIP format [1.3 MB]
Space Station
Compressed archive in ZIP format [401.9 KB]
Robot Arm Demos
Compressed archive in ZIP format [26.0 KB]
Robot Arm Source code
Compressed archive in ZIP format [6.2 KB]
Photographic Animation (walking man)
Compressed archive in ZIP format [1.9 MB]
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