The Parallax Scribbler S3

The Parallax Scribbler S3 is one of the most overlooked and underrated robots on the market.  It comes fully assembled with line sensors for following lines, proximity sensors for detecting objects, light sensors capable of isolating the brightest light in a room, and wheel encoders that make accurate movements possible.  Now, RobotBASIC makes the S3 even better and much easier to use.  Downloading and installing the FREE RobotBASIC Robot Operating System for the Scribbler (RROSS) and adding a Bluetooth adapter through the S3’s hacker port allows RobotBASIC programs to immediately (no downloading required) control the robot’s movements and access its sensor data.  You can even develop your algorithms using RobotBASIC’s integrated simulator as discussed in the new book RobotBASIC Projects for the Parallax Scribbler S3, available on  Those wanting more power than the S3’s native sensors can expand the robot with a custom 3-Ping mount and a beacon detector from RobotBASIC (no soldering required).  Complete information is available from

Download for the above book
Contains the RROSS file (install on the S3) and two other programs from the book.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [3.0 MB]

Parts to enhance your S3

$29      Ping Mount Kit


This package includes a 3D-Printed mount for 3 Ping sensors (Pings not included), 3 Ping cables, cable ties, a protoboard, and a small weight (shown on the back of the S3).  The weight is not required but it makes the S3 more stable after adding the Ping sensors.



Bluetooth transceiver with cables . May be used with unenhanced S3 or with Ping Mount Kit.     


F-M cables if used with protoboard or

F-F cables if used alone (specify).



Beacon Detector with Cables



Beacon Chip with 3 Infrared LEDs.

Total for all of the above is $100 if purchased separately.


All above items purchased together.      $90  (10% discount) << Best buy >>

Large quantity discounts for school districts are available.


Flat rate priority shipping (USA)               $7


Payment is with PayPal through your email address (if you don't have a PayPal account you can use a charge card without opening an account).


TO ORDER: Email and list the parts you want.  You will get a return email detailing total price and when you confirm the order, you will receive a PalPal request for funds.

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