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We currently offer several books and seminars.

Other books are planned and some are currently being developed.

If you have things you would like to see, please let us know.

Our eBooks can be read on your PC using Amazon's FREE Kindle-for-PC.





RobotBASIC is very easy to learn if you already know how to program in other languages. There is an extensive help system included in the RobotBASIC IDE system. Even people that have never programmed find RobotBASIC exciting and motivational. It is a wonderful tool for teaching about logic and programming because the user gets to see the results of their logic immediately. Users also find that learning programming can be fun, because it has meaning – learning about a FOR-LOOP to make a robot move is far more relevant than an intangible activity such as printing integers.

As a college professor John Blankenship taught programming, electronics, robotics and many other related topics for over 30 years. This experience gave him many insights that make teaching programming more exciting and effective. He has put together several seminars that can help robot clubs or school systems (at any grade level) learn to use or teach RobotBASIC more effectively.

Some topics currently available are:

  • Teaching RobotBASIC To Children.
  • RobotBASIC In The University Classroom.
  • RobotBASIC For Robot Clubs.
  • RobotBASIC: An Introductory Programming Language.
  • Developing Robotic Algorithms With RobotBASIC.
  • RobotBASIC Develops Problem Solving Skills.
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Introduction to Robotics




We currently offer two financial seminars.

An interactive motivational seminar suitable for young adults covering topics discussed in the book Consequences (see below).

An engaging seminar for corporations GUARANTEED to increase 401K participation.

For more information or to schedule a seminar please email John Blankenship at RobotBASIC@yahoo.com.


In addition to our free short seminars for clubs and groups and our free training programs for teachers, we offer low-cost programming/robotics WORKSHOPS. These can be "after-school" programs for public and private schools, special education courses for colleges and universities, and customized curricula for nearly any situation. Contact us for more information.


Other Books by Blankenship


Consequences by John Blankenship
John Blankenship's book Consequences helps young adults learn about financial decisions by exploring the consequences of various options they have in their life. Visit the web site for the book to find our more, or to buy the perfect graduation gift for your children or grandchildren.



How I Built Own Four-Wheel Bicycle by John Blankenship
This book explains how John transformed a used bicycle into a two-person transportation device - using PVC and simple hand tools.
View Bicycle Book on Amazon



How I Built a Better Kayak Transporter by John Blankenship
John and his wife love to kayak near their home in Florida. Trying to lift a 14-foot kayak to the top of their SUV was becoming more and more troublesome so he created a much easier method for transporting it. This book explains how to build your own transporter.
View Kayak Book on Amazon



RobotBASIC Projects for Beginners by Blankenship/Mishal
If you are new to programming or just want to create an interest in programming in your children, this could be the book for you. It teaches programming using exciting examples, such as writing a video game, that makes learning fun. (See our BEGINNER'S TAB)

Robots in the Classroom by John Blankenship and Samuel Mishal
Like the Projects for Beginner's book above, this book teaches program using exciting applications. In this book you learn how to program a robot using RobotBASIC's Robot Simulator. (See our BEGINNER'S TAB)



RobotBASIC Projects for the Lego NXT by Blankenship/Mishal
Many people love the Lego robots. Now RobotBASIC makes programming the Lego NXT just as easy as building it. (See our HARDWARE TAB)



Hardware Interfacing with RobotBASIC by Blankenship/Mishal
Learn the fundamental principles of interfacing motors and a wide variety of sensors with RobotBASIC using parallel ports, serial ports, USB ports, even microcontrollers. You will even see how to control your robot over the Internet and with your voice. (See our HARDWARE TAB)



A Hardware Interfacing and Control Protocol  Blankenship/Mishal
This advanced book shows how to create complex hardware interfaces for MANY sensors and actuators using Parallax's Propeller processor. (See our HARDWARE TAB)



Enhancing the Pololu 3pi with RobotBASIC  by Blankenship/Mishal
This book describes how to modify the Pololu 3pi robot so that it has all the major sensors as RobotBASIC simulated robot. Programs used to control the simulated robot can be used to control the modified 3pi.


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