Our book containing many robotic projects and educational material appropriate for a wide spectrum of students is now available from bookshops and online retailers. [SEE BELOW TO ORDER]. This is THE book on developing robotic algorithms.

Robot Programmer's Bonanza

by John Blankenship and Samuel Mishal

published by McGraw-Hill

ISBN 978-0-07-154797-0


The book contains numerous algorithms and programs for simulating interesting robotic projects. Additionally, there are instructions on programming using RobotBASIC with direct application to the robot simulator. There is also information on how to control real-world robots using RobotBASIC's Bluetooth communication protocol. The book is divided into four parts.

Part 1 serves as an introduction to RobotBASIC's IDE and the robot simulator. It also explores why simulation is an important development tool. You'll be introduced to the RobotBASIC programming environment by developing several simple robot programs.

Part 2 examines the idea of developing a toolbox of reusable robotic behaviors including algorithms for following a line, hugging a wall, detecting a drop off (such as a stairway), and more.

Part 3 shows how the fundamental behaviors developed in Part 2 can be combined to create complex applications. You see how easy it is to make a robot mow the yard or find its nest to charge its batteries. By the end of this section, your robot will be able to solve nearly any type of maze and find its way through a home or office environment.

Part 4 urges you to apply the techniques you've learned earlier in the book to a wide variety of situations. One chapter is even devoted to showing you how all the programs and principles developed in the book can be utilzed with real robots.

After reading the book you will be able to:

Create, edit, open and save programs using the IDE.
Use the Debugger to debug programs.
Create complicated programs and employ advanced programming techniques.
Manipulate the robot and utilize all of its sensory systems:

  • Utilize arrays and array commands and functions along with looping constructs to manipulate large amounts of data.
  • Improve on the behaviors introduced in the book as well as create new ones of your own.
  • Appreciate the advantages in using RobotBASIC as a research and development tool so as to minimize abortive efforts in a real-life project.
  • Have the skills to program complex and realistic projects.
  • Be familiar with some software engineering skills required during the life cycle of a robotics project.
  • Appreciate the concepts of some computer science topics relating to the field of robotics.

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